Workshop “Hope and Trust”

We will organize a workshop on “Hope and Trust”, 14-15 January 2016 in Frankfurt/Main, Goethe University, Campus Westend, Eisenhower-room . Attendance is free, but please register: Julia Gründel,

Hope and trust are attitudes that are not only central to our lives, but also rise difficult philosophical questions: What is their relation to the emotions, to rational agency and to knowledge? When is it rational to hope or trust? Why can it be valuable to do so? Are the two phenomena intertwined?
In this conference, we want to pursue those and related themes in order to investigate structural similarities and differences of hope and trust. Both hope and trust might seem to stand in a tension with requirements of rationality. Theoretical rationality demands that we guide our attitudes in accordance with what the evidence supports. However, we hope in the light of uncertainty. Similarly, is seems not only rational to trust where one has sufficient evidence of trustworthiness, trust rather often requires us to go beyond such evidence. The rationality of both hope and trust, therefore, cannot be understood by reference to theoretical reason alone. We have to explore what kind of practical reasons guide us in hoping or trusting. Furthermore, a so far largely unexplored question is whether trust involves hope or vice versa. When we trust people, do we hope they will be trustworthy, or do we entertain a normative expectation based on sufficient evidence? In this workshop, these issues will be discussed by international scholars working on either (or both) of the two phenomena, in order to compare insights from the philosophy of hope and trust.

Confirmed speakers: Claudia Blöser (Frankfurt), Boudewijn de Bruin (Groningen), Paul Faulkner (Sheffield), Martin Hartmann (Luzern), Adrienne Martin (Claremont), Berislav Marušić (Waltham/Boston), Thomas Simpson (Oxford), Christopher Thompson (Cambridge).


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